We’re proud of our thousands of happy customers!

Here’s what some of them say ….


“Just wanted to Thank You for the promptness of sending our Sunglasses. We are very happy with them. I have a problem with my left eye and have found them to have a relaxing affect. Everything just looks so beautiful through them!”

Lyn & Dennis Ryan – Warwick Qld.


“I have tried your new style BLOK sunglasses, and find they are even more comfortable than your previous design. I am an ardent supporter and have told many people how good they are. I am happy for you to use anything I write if it helps sell more of these excellent glasses”

Dr Jeremy R Huyton, Bruce ACT


“I’ve bought 6 pairs for myself and friends and found that only your sunglasses offer the eye protection we need. I cannot recommend them highly enough for all outdoor activities”

Dr Neil Birchley – Calamvale QLD


“BLOK sunglasses are fantastic for me since I had Cataracts removed from both eyes. I can’t stand any glare, so these glasses have helped me a lot. I can’t do without them, they are great”

Carmen Molloy – Northmead NSW


“I wear my BLOK sunglasses all the time and I’m always saying to people ‘look how good things look with these on’. It’s great to get such a quality product at a third of the price of similar glasses. Thank you so much”

Beverley McInnes – Tweed Heads NSW


“Having tried various sunglasses with no satisfaction I find the anti-glare factor and improved vision with BLOK amazing. For driving on overcast days my vision was still sharp and clear. I’m affected by Macular Degeneration and need all the help that is available, so I totally recommend these sunglasses to everyone”

Noel Colman – Peakhurst NSW


“The BLOK lenses produce crystal clear vision in both bright and dull light. I have no hesitation in recommending the BLOK sunglasses. ”

Mr Steven Forbes – Dalby QLD


““My old eyes can no longer deal well with sunlight flashing through trees whilst driving. This is where the benefits of BLOK sunglasses demonstrate that they play a very important role in making our roads and drivers safer. My wife finds the design of BLOK very comfortable and we are both very happy with them. I hesitated before buying them sight unseen, but now I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone”

Alan Darby – Henley Beach SA


“Wow, what else can I say. I saw your ad in a magazine about BLOK sunglasses. It took me 2 weeks before I decided to send for them, thinking it was a gimmick. The reason I sent for them is because my wife has Macular Degeneration and she can’t stand the sunlight in her eyes, even with other sunglasses on, so I thought I would give it a go and send for them. Thanks to you and BLOK she can now go out without the strain of the sun in her eyes. She is highly delighted with them!

Mr D Lowe – Modbury Nth SA


“As commercial fishermen we work 14 hour days in ocean glare and cannot fault these wonderful BLOK sunglasses. The frames mould perfectly to the face and they are great for driving with 100% glare block out and beautiful clear crystal vision. There are no blank spots when driving from sunlight into shadeout and no squinting at all in any weather. We totally recommend them to anyone. Thank you”

Robyn & Pat Bohan – Agnes Water QLD


“We have been test driving the BLOK’s for a couple of weeks now and are so impressed we’ve decided to order another 2 pairs and relegate all our old sunnies to the ‘spares box’. I personally had a drawer full of sunnies that I was not happy with. You name the type, and I had them: expensive; cheapies; tints; polarized; prescription. I had wound up with my ‘Frankenglasses’ that were cobbled together from different sets!

Anyway, back to the BLOK’s. The three things that sold us on them were clarity, robustness and comfort. The combination of the blue filtering and polarised lenses give me better clarity than my (minor) prescription tinted glasses. With regard to robustness, I’ve sat on them, dropped them and even managed to jam them in a desk drawer and there’s no sign of any damage. The comfort aspect is very important to me as some days I’ll have them on most of the day. The flexible arms permit them to fit just as well on my big ‘boof head’ as they do on my daughter’s petite noggin.

So, in summary, BLOK’s are the sunnies of choice for our family. I am quite happy for you to use my feedback in your advertising for this great product. Sincerely.”

Chris – Cabramatta NSW


“When I first used your BLOK sunglasses I was absolutely astounded at the improvement in clarity they made to my vision. Over the past 2 years I have had lens replacements in each eye because of cataracts and this has brilliantly restored my eyesight. You can therefore understand my amazement when I used your product and found my vision had improved – in my opinion – by a further 10%. I am now in the incredible situation whereby I can see better than ever before and that is in no small way due to your sunglasses”.

Mr K Schmierer – Boonah QLD


“My wife & I bought your BLOK sunglasses and we are both extremely happy with them.There are 2 reasons why we are so happy with them: One, my wife Alida’s eyesight is in such a way that she would see “nothing” without your glasses when the sun is shining. So that means they are a real blessing for her, and she wears them all the time when she goes outside.

Secondly, reading your article in the NRMA magazine today I could not help thinking you have overlooked a very important feature of your BLOK glasses, so I need to tell you what we have discovered wearing them. We were driving one day on the new Hunter Express Freeway to Newcastle, when we got caught up in the heaviest rainstorm I have ever seen. All the cars had pulled over, as their visibility was near zero.

My wife and I had our BLOK sunglasses on and to our great surprise our visibility was about 80%  whilst without them I could hardly see 100 metres in front of me!  We had 2 other passengers with us and my wife gave them her glasses to demonstrate this fact. They too were both amazed at the visibility in this heavy rain storm, so they asked us to order a pair each for them, which we did, and they are both very happy with them as well. Please try this out for yourself, it truly is amazing!

We don’t mind if you use this testimony in your advertising, as we think it is a very important feature of your product. We hope our statement will increase the awareness of your great product and we congratulate you on promoting it the way you do”  Hank Rulgrok—Singleton NSW


“I have purchased 3 pairs of BLOK sunglasses for myself and 2 for friends. I keep one pair in each vehicle and one pair for work. I used to get a lot of headaches until I bought these sunglasses as I’m a roof tiler by trade, so I’m out in the heat & sun all day. I find the clarity and comfort unbelievable and would rate them 9 out of 10. Excellent value! By far the best sunglasses I have ever purchased and would definitely purchase more. Highly recommended.”

Colin Underwood – Viewbank VIC


“I live in east Arnhem Land and spend a lot of time outdoors, especially fishing. The clarity of BLOK when looking in the water is superb. BLOK also remove glare, maintain natural colours and are light and comfortable. If you spend time near water these are the glasses for you”

Craig Pullen – Nhulumby NT


“I received the BLOK sunglasses on Thursday and find them amazing. I have already recommended them to my friends. I find them especially better than any other sunglasses for driving and spending time on the beach. They completely block out the glare which was my main reason for trying them out. I hope many people will get benefit from wearing them. Thanking you.” Margaret Macaulay – Perth W.A.


“I am writing to you today because I believe in giving credit where credit is due. People today are so quick to complain, but not so quick to express appreciation when things go right. I have had my BLOK sunglasses for quite some time and I can’t believe that I can still see as clearly today as the day I bought them. I am very rough on my sunnies and tend to drop them all the time. But these glasses just won’t scratch!

I used to buy expensive sunglasses like Ray Ban but as soon as I dropped them I would from then on have to live with the scratches. I know as soon as I go out the door if I have forgotten my sunnies because I immediately start to squint as I am so used to seeing clearly with them on.This is a big statement but I would go so far as to say these are the best sunglasses I have ever purchased and have been able to pass the word on to my family and friends with confidence. Thanks for providing an excellent product and service.”

Bill Daly – Dapto NSW


“I purchased my first pair of BLOK sunglasses through the RACQ magazine and to be honest I was a little sceptical with the claims made throughout the article, but I thought they are reasonably priced so I would see for myself.

I cannot explain the difference that these glasses have made. Driving is an absolute pleasure, the glasses take away all of the glare from the road, windows, sun etc. My vision is crisper and my eyes are no longer getting tired from squinting. I wear them even in wet weather as they make such a tremendous difference.

I also wear them when I am whipper-snippering the acreage block I live on, as they protect my eyes from flying particles, but make it so much easier to see what I am doing and a possible “snake in the grass”, because there is no glare. Fishing is a dream and when I’m sitting in the boat I can literally see through the water.

I had an expensive pair of Maui Jim’s and dropped them cracking the lenses. I have dropped my BLOK glasses many times with no damage at all.

When I lost my BLOK glasses, I was devastated and immediately ordered a new pair. My eyes suffered terribly until they arrived a few days later. One of the best things about these glasses is that they are owned by an Australian Company, which I believe is very important.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending these to anyone looking for a quality pair of sunglasses at a reasonable price.”

A. Kennedy –  Worongary QLD


“I am a farmer who has had corrective eye surgery with one of the benefits being able to wear normal sunglasses. I have had my BLOK sunglasses for a year now with no scratches on the lenses. As my eyes are quite sensitive to the sun and glare I live in them everyday through work, pleasure and play. I have since bought 7 additional pairs for my family and friends that work outdoors. Even my wife wants a pair for farm work! I find them light, comfortable and brilliant for my eyes.”

Mr J Jackson – Keith SA


“Apart from the protection that BLOK sunglasses give to our eyes, which is well documented and no doubt true, the quality that is so apparent to me is the clarity of vision. Even on dull days and even in light rain, I can see clearly with great definition – right to the end of the road. Thank you; I am most impressed”

Terence Davis – Mt Gambier SA


“I ordered from the mail your sunglasses. They arrived this morning, a very swift delivery and beautifully packaged. I am a 90 year old Englishman living in very sunny Queensland and  still having good eyesight for my age. Going in the car today showed me how beneficial your BLOK spectacles are. I already had sunglasses but yours are quality apart. Thank you.”

Bill Cumbus – QLD


“I don’t know how I managed before my BLOK sunglasses. They are an absolute necessity in the hot tropical sun of Far North Queensland. I used my first pair on a 700 km bike ride from the top of Cape York to Cooktown. They kept the sun, the wind and the insects out of my eyes: all very important when you wear contact lenses. My friend and I are planning to ride the 1000 km bicycle track from Perth to Albany this March 2014 and you know what…..I won’t be leaving home without my BLOK sunnies!”

If you’d like a more poetic version try this:

“I took my BLOK sunnies up to the Cape

And cycling back, found they were great.

They’re all the things they claim to be

Now they always leave home as part of me.

The company’s great and strives to serve

And my gratitude is well deserved.

Try a pair and you will find

They’re the best to bear in mind!”

Jeannie – North QLD


And for our Computer Glasses …

“I’m a design engineer and spend 10 hrs+ a day staring at a computer screen. Until getting your computer glasses I had to work with my monitor brightness turned all the way down to avoid migraines and tired eyes. I have now basically replaced my prescription glasses with them and wear them all day. I even wear them out in the evening if I know I’ll be in area with bright lights. If it sounds like I’m banging on about how great they are, it’s because they are great! ”

Alexander Eddy – Inverell NSW


“I couldn’t be happier with your computer glasses. They’re a wonderful relief from glare off the screen. The tint is an added ‘glam’ feature. Work colleagues have asked about them and can’t believe the difference they make. I highly recommend them”

Shvon Costar – Heatherbrae NSW


“I use your computer glasses for my laptop, mobile phone and TV. They are amazing and certainly work very well indeed. Thank you for such a great product!”

Verity Lomax – Oberon NSW


“My wife is using the computer glasses and now she will not use the computer without them. She no longer suffers from eyestrain or headaches and the screen is so sharp and clear.”

Graeme House


“I love these computer glasses as I’ve had a long struggle with glare which now doesn’t bother me anymore. The only enhancement I can give is if the hinge could be a bit more flexible”

Raphael Muema – Penrith NSW