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Is Your ‘Mini-Sun’ Making Your Eyes
Sore & Scratchy?


“Mine was. My eyes were shot … 


EVERY day I’d get sore, scratchy eyes and sometimes even blurred vision. I’d come home with puffy, bloodshot eyes – like I’d been crying all day!

I tried all sorts of sprays and drops, even a special screen, but nothing worked.
My computer was my livelihood. So I had to know why it was affecting me so badly. What I discovered I would never have expected …

We all know better than to stare into the sun. But vision experts are now saying that using any digital device – computers, tablets or phones – is like staring into a ‘Mini-Sun’. Why?

Because they emit white light, just like the sun. White light is made up of all the colours of the visible spectrum: red, green, yellow, blue, etc. But the really big troublemaker for our eyes is the blue light.

Blue light is also known as High Energy Visible (HEV) light because it is extremely active. So active in fact, it’s chaotic scattering is what makes the sky blue. So the instant you look at your ‘Mini-Sun’, it starts scattering these blue rays directly into your eyes.

They then flicker around haphazardly, wreaking havoc on your retina’s ability to focus images and colours properly. This forces your eyes to be constantly battling the blue rays and before long they just get tired, strained and sore from all the effort.

But I also found two other hazards related to blue light that are a lot more concerning…


Sleep & Vision
Firstly, it’s sleep. Before electricity, our ancestors would fall asleep shortly after dark, because our natural body clock is set to: Day = Awake. Night = Asleep. This is known as our ‘Circadian Rhythms’ and is controlled by the Pineal gland in our brain.

This pea-sized gland senses darkness and starts secreting the hormone Melatonin, which helps you fall asleep. Melatonin is also your bodies’ most powerful anti-oxidant and once you are asleep it flushes out toxins, repairs cells and boosts your immune system.

But when you use digital devices at night, the blue light makes the Pineal gland think it’s still daytime, which hampers this vital process causing problems getting to sleep – and staying asleep. Not only can this result in chronic tiredness, but it could also weaken your immune system leaving you more vulnerable to health problems and premature aging.

Secondly, according to the US Vision Council blue light penetrates deeper into the eye compared to other rays, so prolonged exposure may damage the retina due to hidden ‘intensity spikes’. Their emerging research also suggests constant and cumulative exposure may be linked to Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), a devastating condition that starts off as dark or blurry patches in your central vision and can eventually progress to partial or full blindness.

Fortunately, there is a way to help protect yourself …


Breakthrough Lens
Nature never designed our eyes to spend hours gazing into nearby artificial light. But these days most of us are staring at screens pretty much all day long – and well into the night.


Computer Girl

This is a rapidly growing problem which scientists have solved by using Melanin – a natural skin pigment, highly effective in filtering out blue light.

They have now managed to chemically modify Melanin into a synthetic form which can be infused into optical lenses. These lenses have a natural soft yellow hue which also enhances colour and sharpens vision.

BLOK® computer glasses are produced with this breakthrough Melanin lens. They come in a stylish unisex frame and magnification from zero up to +2.50 for people who normally need reading glasses. They are affordably priced at just $49 (Plus $10 P&H) and come with a protective leatherette case and a Lifetime Warranty.

So if you use any digital device, I urge you to order a pair today. When you receive them, notice how much clearer and sharper images appear on your screen. Notice how colours are much more vibrant and alive. And notice how comfortable your eyes feel in the absence of stinging glare.

For me, the best part is I can now work for many hours without a break and still feel fresh and relaxed. And if you don’t experience the same thing – straight away – then return them to us within 60 days for a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked. You cannot lose.

Order today.


Here’s what other people say…                              

“I’m a design engineer and spend 10 hrs+ a day staring at a computer screen. Until getting your computer glasses I had to work with my monitor brightness turned all the way down to avoid migraines and tired eyes. I have now basically replaced my prescription glasses with them and wear them all day. I even wear them out in the evening if I know I’ll be in area with bright lights. If it sounds like I’m banging on about how great they are, it’s because they are great! “
Alexander Eddy – Inverell NSW

“I couldn’t be happier with your computer glasses. They’re a wonderful relief from glare off the screen. The tint is an added ‘glam’ feature. Work colleagues have asked about them and can’t believe the difference they make. I highly recommend them” Shvon Costar – Heatherbrae NSW

“I use your computer glasses for my laptop, mobile phone and TV. They are amazing and certainly work very well indeed. Thank you for such a great product!” Verity Lomax – Oberon NSW

“My wife is using the computer glasses and now she will not use the computer without them. She no longer suffers from eyestrain or headaches and the screen is so sharp and clear.” Graeme House
“I love these computer glasses as I’ve had a long struggle with glare which now doesn’t bother me anymore. The only enhancement I can give is if the hinge could be a bit more flexible”
Raphael Muema – Penrith NSW

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