Lens Technology


All BLOK® lenses are polarised. The polarisation filter is an invisible film which acts like a ‘Venetian blind’ removing horizontally polarised rays of light. This eliminates glare from horizontal surfaces, such as water, sand, roads, cars and other shiny surfaces – allowing the wearer to see clearly when reflected light would otherwise overwhelm the scene.

The polarisation filter is embedded within the lens itself – not a cheap coating that can rub off later. They’re particularly good for driving as they effectively cut hazardous dashboard reflections on your windscreen.

Blue-block filters

The sun’s blue rays affect the retina in your eyes. Your retina is like the film in old cameras, it captures images. And because blue rays are so short in the visible spectrum, they land just in front of your retina, not directly on it, as do other colours.

This causes what scientists refer to as Chromatic Aberration or “Blue Blur” – a chaotic scattering of blue rays that obstruct and dilute all other colours as they enter your eye. They believe this results in reduced visual sharpness, eyestrain and fatigue.

BLOK® lenses filter these blue rays, allowing all colours to focus clearly on your retina. So colours are enhanced and objects appear much sharper and clearer. And as an added bonus, because they are no longer battling blue rays, you’ll notice a soothing relaxation effect on your eyes – even in the harshest glare.

Some other blue- blocking lenses literally block 100% blue light. This can be quite hazardous as blocking 100% of blue light can change colour perception. Yellow looks white, blue looks grey and people with varying degrees of colour blindness may not be able to distinguish correctly between red and green traffic signals.

Our BLOK® lenses have been specifically formulated to filter out most of the blue light while maintaining and enhancing true colours.



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