Amazing New Blue-Block Sunglasses

They might look like ordinary sunglasses, but when you put them on . . .
They looked like ordinary sunglasses, but I got the surprise of my life when I put them on . . .


I’VE  ALWAYS worn top brand sunglasses. But when I put on a pair of BLOK’s it was like seeing with fresh new eyes.

I found I could see with a striking clarity I had never known before. Everything appeared sharper, crisper and more defined – like a kind of enhanced 3-D effect.

And colours were much brighter, vibrant and more ‘alive’.

I kept taking them off and putting them on again to make sure that what I was seeing was actually sharper and not just my imagination playing tricks on me.

But there was no mistaking it. Everything was a lot sharper. It was obvious.

I then put on my $160 sunglasses to compare. They were dull, blurry and glarey – no comparison. I was impressed.

But why did these BLOK® sunglasses make such a big difference?

I discovered there are two reasons ….



And most importantly, it’s how the sun’s blue rays affect the retina in your eyes.

Your retina is at the very back of your eyeball and captures images – like the film in an old fashioned camera. And because blue rays are so short in the visible spectrum they land just in front of your retina – not directly on it – as do other colours.

As a result, they scatter around inside your eye disrupting the other colours, causing what scientists refer to as “Chromatic Aberration” – a slight haze effect we simply accept as ‘normal’.

By filtering the blue rays, BLOK® lenses reduce this scatter, allowing all colours to focus more precisely on your retina. So the haze disappears, colours are enhanced and objects appear much sharper and clearer* – even in low light conditions.

And because your eyes are no longer battling the blue rays, you’ll soon feel a soothing relaxation effect – no matter how harsh the glare.




The lenses are polarised.

Polarised lenses have an invisible film which acts like a ‘venetian blind’ blocking the horizontal glare reflected off water, cars and other shiny surfaces. They’re particularly good for driving and boating as they (very noticeably) cut hazardous dashboard reflections on your windscreen, allowing clearer and safer travel.

The remarkable effect of this blue-block and polarised combination got me very excited about the value of these glasses. But I soon learnt even more facts that absolutely convinced me …



BLOK® lenses come in both Bronze and Grey colours. They also block 100% of harmful UV rays and are made from the finest, high resolution lens materials in the world.

The patented blue-block and polarised filters are part of the lens itself – not a cheap coating that can rub off later.

The black unisex frame is designed to minimise annoying glare entering at the top, bottom and sides. They are made from a super flexible, memory retentive TR90 Nylon that will fit snugly on any size head, and are so light and comfortable you will hardly know you’re wearing sunglasses..

And so tough and durable, they’re virtually unbreakable, as shown here ….


Super Tough Frame

BV Stretch -colour 300dp_2i


For polarised sunglasses of this quality** – without our special lens – you could easily pay $200 upwards. But because we don’t sell to shops (no ‘middlemen’) we can supply them directly to you for just $89 plus $10 shipping.

Each pair comes with a full One Year Warranty.

Compare For Yourself

Compare For Yourself

I’m very proud to be involved with BLOK sunglasses so I urge you to order a pair today and give them a try.  When you receive them, take out your old sunglasses and compare.

Notice how colours really come alive and how much clearer and sharper objects appear with BLOK® sunglasses – even through water.

Notice the absence of glare and how quickly you stop squinting.  And notice how nicely relaxed and comfortable your eyes feel.

And if you don’t see a dramatic difference – so much that you can tell the instant you put them on – then return them to us within 60 days for a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked. That’s my personal promise to you. You have no risk. 

If you’re out in the sun a lot, remember, we live close to the biggest ozone hole on Earth. Blue light and UV dangers exist all year round, even on cloudy days.

So protect your eyes and at the same time enhance your vision with one of the most advanced pair of sunglasses you can buy.

Order today.


* Interestingly, it is thought that the natural oil filters found in the eyes of eagles do much the same thing

** Low quality polarised lenses are made from easily scratched cheap plastic. They are so thin they buckle by just pressing with your thumb. Premium quality polarised lenses (like in our BLOK sunglasses) are thick, rigid and cannot be buckled.


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